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3⅓ Mega Trends in Latin America
Hi Team
January 25, 2024

Dear friends,

We are thrilled to share with you something that we've been working on for the past few months. After doing extensive research and diving into the data, we have spotted three and 1/3 really exciting mega trends that we believe have a very transformative effect in the Latin American region.

Aside from identifying these mega trends, we spotted a couple of startups that are riding the wave in each of these spaces; building transformative products or delivering services in much more efficient and streamlined ways.

1. AI-powered Latin America

We see generative AI models as the means to utilize untapped data pools, which will lead to better products enhanced by embedded AI.

2. The future of money
Developments in infrastructure, increased interoperability and the growing popularity of DeFi are transforming how consumers move, use and invest money.

3. A trillion-dollar relocation
The fragility of supply chains has been exposed in the last few years. As a result, governments and companies have brought manufacturing closer to home seeking to increase their reliability. Mexico is in a prime position to exploit this opportunity.

1/3. One more thing... Welcome to Mexico City
We've seen the rise of Mexico City as a destination for founders and digital nomads building the future of the region with tech. We see an inflow of talent that came for the food... but stayed for the tech scene. This talent, paired with local founders and operators will power the next generation of formidable startups in Latin America, and that deeply excites us.

In the coming years, we are going to lean into these trends as we continue to invest in the region. We are ready to find the best founders, who, by using data, infrastructure, software and a handful of tech and human skills, will lead the next transformation of Latin American tech.

3⅓ Mega Trends in Latin America