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Apli is revolutionizing the traditional job market
Hi Team
February 19, 2020

In 2015, Vera Makarov, Apli's co-founder and co-ceo, highlighted a striking inefficiency: one could order a taxi, food, or a loan via smartphone, yet finding suitable employees for a company remained a cumbersome challenge. Traditionally, recruiting takes about 50 days, with the risk of a poor hire leading to significant costs and wasted time.

Addressing this gap, Vera Makarov and José Pertusa founded Apli in August 2016. This digital employment agency, powered by artificial intelligence, enables companies such as Femsa, Banco Azteca, Cinépolis, and even Grupo Bimbo to fill vacancies within 24 hours.

Apli’s innovative platform features a chatbot that interviews candidates, inquiring about their experience, skills, desired salary, and availability. It even administers a knowledge test and collects resumes. Successful candidates are then scheduled for an interview with a recruiter, a process facilitated through Apli's website or its Facebook account, in languages including Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Moreover, Apli uses AI not only to streamline recruitment but also to significantly improve the selection process, boosting the quality of interviewees by over 80%, according to co-CEO Makarov. The startup initially focused on temporary or weekend jobs but has since proved invaluable for filling permanent positions at major firms.

By June 2018, Apli began pilot programs with large companies, achieving a 50% reduction in staff turnover within the first three months, Makarov claims. The startup caters to around 15 corporate clients, tailoring its services to their specific needs regarding hiring volume, turnover rates, and selection criteria, thereby acting as a strategic advisor.

Apli assists with the onboarding process, identifying potential issues before they lead to turnover. Following a fourfold growth in 2018, Apli aims to continuously thanks to a deep understanding of their target market facilitated by strategic insights from Hi Ventures.

Apli is revolutionizing the traditional job market