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Fintech Disrupted: the AI revolution has already begun
Blanca Sañudo
August 21, 2023

AI is eating the world. Many industries have just begun to incorporate generative and traditional AI for the first time to enhance production cycles, optimize costs, aid creative processes or improve communications with clients like never before. However, for one industry, AI is not new. Fintech.

Artificial Intelligence has served fintech companies for more than a decade, optimizing credit scoring algorithms, detecting fraud or cyber threats and helping companies predict trends to plan accordingly.

In spite of its adoption in the financial services industry, the era unveiled by the newest LLMs gives AI the “superpowers'' to participate in creative processes, as opposed to participating in purely analytical tasks.

The case for disrupting fintech with AI in Latin America

We find the case for AI-enabled fintech is especially relevant in Latin America due to four main factors:

These factors that make Latin America a region uniquely positioned to leverage the latest AI developments to continue to transform financial services.

In this piece, we dive into some of the use cases we find most exciting and transformative... dive in!

Fintech Disrupted: the AI revolution has already begun