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Flink Mexico: the platform that allows you to invest from $30 pesos in the stock market
Entrepreneur Staff
April 13, 2022

Flink is a fintech founded by two young entrepreneurs: Sergio Jiménez and Ricardo Bueno. It came to the country with the intention of changing the current financial ecosystem, since its purpose is to ensure that anyone with access to a smartphone has the possibility of making an investment in shares safely.

This platform allows you to invest from $30 pesos and without any commission in shares of companies that are affiliated with the New York Stock Exchange. In exchange, the user receives fractions of shares of the company in which he has decided to invest his money. Flink began as a platform that offered only a bank account with a digital card and a physical card which reached the user's home, in addition to offering savings plans to efficiently manage their money. It was not until June 2020 that the platform implemented its trading service , allowing the user to access the stock exchange in New York.

It is important to recognize that this investment system is a pioneer within the trading industry in Mexico and opens the door to a dimension of safe and transparent digital tools for those who find themselves in the gap of going from saving their money to investing it. The user can consult at any time the way in which his investment is behaving, depending on the behavior of the markets. The user can sell to reinvest in other companies or you can also withdraw their capital.

It is important to remember that Flink is only a tool that serves as an intermediary to generate income through your investments; You are also exposed to losses derived from the different behaviors that the stock market shows.

The app is available on the App Store for iOS users; as well as in the Google Play Store for Android users. This platform opens the door to a new way of seeing investments in the stock market as a tool for the general public and not just for entrepreneurs with high purchasing power, as this type of investment used to be seen in the past.

Flink Mexico: the platform that allows you to invest from $30 pesos in the stock market