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Listen.Doctor, the AI tool that transforms medical consultations
April 19, 2024

Listen.Doctor functionality will be integrated into the SocialDiabetes remote patient management platform.

SocialHealth, a leader in digital health solutions, announces today the launch of "Listen.Doctor", an advanced tool powered by artificial intelligence that transforms medical consultations into actionable knowledge.

"Listen.Doctor", with the slogan "Transform your conversations into knowledge", uses two of the most advanced language models to listen, transcribe, summarize, and extract key points from medical conversations in real-time. This revolutionary multilingual tool accurately captures dialogue, converts it into editable text, generates a concise summary, and identifies the most relevant aspects.

According to María Salido, CEO of SocialDiabetes, "We are ending the low-value work of health professionals. We cannot afford it. Digital technology digitized processes, but it is time to transform them and free humans from superfluous work. At SocialDiabetes, we have always been motivated by the same thing: to improve medical care and save time and costs. Listen.Doctor is the next step."

A unique feature of Listen.Doctor is its ability to integrate conversation summaries directly into the patient's medical record, ensuring that no important detail is missed. Additionally, the tool can send a summary to the patient, reinforcing their understanding and compliance with their treatment.

Listen.Doctor is capable of discriminating out-of-context content and classifying the summary generated by themes and sharing the content with patients or with medical records.

It is also possible to use the content generated from the conversation to automatically complete clinical protocol forms established at a particular health center.

"We are leveraging the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence to revolutionize how information is documented and shared in the medical field," explained Víctor Bautista, CTO of SocialDiabetes and director of the development of Listen.Doctor. "By combining two of the most advanced language models, we achieve exceptional results in transcription, summary, and extraction of key information."

Listen.Doctor begins its pilot phase at the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, and in hospital environments specializing in geriatric care. These initiatives will allow Listen.Doctor to be evaluated and optimized for performance in a real clinical environment.

Listen.Doctor, the AI tool that transforms medical consultations