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The AI Augmented Human
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May 17, 2023

In today's landscape, AI is no longer just a powerful data processing tool but instead is making it easier than ever to improve our well-being. By exploring Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we have identified a selection of Latin American B2C companies that are harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize how we fulfill our needs and engage with others.

AI has the potential to be truly transformative for the Human Capital sector in numerous ways. Here are some key aspects:

Self-actualization: AI-based learning platforms can offer personalized training programs tailored to individuals' needs. By leveraging data analytics and adaptive algorithms, AI can identify skill gaps and provide targeted learning resources, enhancing professional development and career growth.

Language learning platforms, such as Slang, are focusing on data-driven experiences to help its users efficiently learn English for specific business settings in an interactive and adaptive way. As opposed to traditional language learning tools, Slang leverages AI by developing new generative language models for improved contextualization, technical and linguistic accuracy to increase the volume of content creation by 5x.

Esteem: AI-powered systems can monitor user sentiment and performance data to identify patterns and provide actionable insights. It can enable continuous performance tracking and feedback. Real-time data analysis can provide valuable insights into people's productivity, strengths, and areas for improvement. This facilitates proactive coaching and development initiatives.

Under this scope, Yana is revolutionizing the mental health app industry by providing emotional support to millions of Spanish speakers worldwide through its chatbot. They are leveraging AI by developing a multi-class model that provides personalized responses to messages that require it. Since its creation, Yana has collected over 2 billion messages, giving it a trove of data no other competitor can match.

Sense of belonging: By enabling interactive features such as virtual visualization, voice and image recognition, or simply offering support through chatbots and virtual assistants, AI can facilitate new connections and renew how we get entertained. AI can create a sense of connection, community, and shared experiences among users.

For instance, using augmented reality, Phygi creates high-quality and easy-to-use virtual try-on experiences. This AI-enabled company provides a new-generation shopping experience, pushing the borders of social commerce by sharing creativity between users and reinventing our consumer habits.

Safety needs: AI can significantly improve various aspects related to safety needs. It enhances healthcare through early detection and personalized treatment, strengthens financial security through optimized investment strategies, assists in job matching and career development, and reinforces cybersecurity measures by preventing cyber threats in real-time or enhancing authentication systems.

Fintual, an automated investment advisor startup, is a clear example of this trend as it seeks to revolutionize the Latin American investment management market. Its products offer 100% digital personalized investment strategies, promoting long-term saving, all within a quick time frame of less than 10 minutes. Powered by data, Fintual's offerings ensure that customers' needs are met at every stage of life through automated solutions.

Physiological: AI advancements optimize agriculture processes for increased crop yields, addressing food security needs. Environmental monitoring through AI-based systems aids in identifying and mitigating hazards. Additionally, AI-driven personalized wellness solutions and smart home technologies promote healthy lifestyles, comfort, and energy efficiency.

RobinFood is a company that not only excels in the food industry but also harnesses the power of data to transform its operations. Through their fast, highly automated, and high-tech facilities, they utilize data-driven systems to optimize processes and enhance efficiency. The integration of AI technology allows them to offer affordable and fresh meals through various online and offline channels, making them a true game-changer in the food industry.

The AI Augmented Human