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Three types of AI startups
Federico Antoni
June 27, 2023

As we start deploying our fund IV, we’ve updated our investment thesis to reflect our bet on AI. We cover the same sectors since 2012: Fintech, Future of Commerce, Human Capital and Smart Cities. We continue to be all in for formidable founders solving the hardest problems in Latin America as described in the following investment framework.

For our new fund, we will invest in three types of early stage startups leveraging AI technologies.

First, we’re looking for companies building and delivering applications of AI technologies to corporates, startups & SMEs. AI is part of their value proposition. Our investment en Senzai is a great example.

Second, we want to back startups leveraging AI to make their organizations more efficient and their cost structure ultra competitive. These startups are AI-native and build with co-pilots. They are 10x, sometimes 100x, more efficient than incumbents. Portfolio company Slang expects to develop its professional English course 200x times faster within the next 12 months:

Finally, we seek to invest in startups making delightful experiences with powerful innovative value propositions only possible with the latest AI technologies. The Fintual team is convinced that AI will change everything in the wealth management industry. And they’re ready!

The good news is that most entrepreneurs can ride this wave.

Ironically, founders that have been working on a problem for a while, have built a community, a brand, distribution and yes, data (!), may very well be in a better situation to seize the AI opportunity than new projects.

For those just starting, this is their moment, they're in for a fascinating ride.

If you need a hard working partner and capital for the journey, reach out!

Three types of AI startups