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Embracing AI: Insights from Rodcast
Jimena Pardo, Federico Antoni & Rodrigo Pacheco
June 18, 2024

In today's ever-evolving technological landscape, the potential of generative AI is becoming increasingly apparent. This was a central theme in a recent Rodcast episode featuring Jimena Pardo and Federico Antoni, who explored the transformative power of AI and its implications for the future.

Rodrigo Pacheco, the host, kicked off the conversation by highlighting the unprecedented pace at which technology is developing. Jimena Pardo noted that technical talent today might be creating tools akin to calculators for the iPhone, but as technology advances, these individuals will develop super-agents that enhance human capabilities. She emphasized the importance of investing in such transformative talent.

Federico Antoni shared his excitement about the global democratization of AI knowledge. He pointed out that since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, people worldwide have been learning about AI simultaneously. This simultaneous learning, he argued, is unique to this technological revolution. He also stressed that this equal access to technology levels the playing field, allowing startups from different regions to compete on similar terms.

The discussion then shifted to the practical applications of AI in businesses. Pardo and Antoni elaborated on how Hi Ventures is leveraging AI to evaluate and support startups. They emphasized the importance of understanding not only the technology but also the problems it aims to solve and the capability of the teams behind these innovations.

Pardo recounted the history of the firm and how Hi Ventures is dedicated to solving the hardest problems in Latin America through technology. She explained that when generative AI became widely available, they quickly recognized its potential to revolutionize various aspects of business. Today, any startup not utilizing AI risks becoming obsolete.

The conversation also touched on the evolution of technological adoption. Antoni contrasted the slow adoption of PCs and the internet with the rapid spread of smartphones and AI. He noted that the current technological infrastructure is nearly identical globally, with minor differences, such as the preference for iPhones in the US and Android in Mexico. This widespread accessibility accelerates AI adoption and innovation.

Hi's managing partners highlighted the importance of staying updated with the latest technological advancements. They shared their methods of constantly learning and integrating new AI tools into their workflows. For instance, Pardo mentioned using AI as a co-worker, such as employing Copilot to double the output of developers.

Federico Antoni reflected on the dual mission of identifying talented individuals with exceptional learning capabilities and accelerating their growth. He cited Jimena Pardo as a prime example of a successful investment, noting that his goal is for her to surpass him as an investor.

The discussion concluded with a reflection on the happiness and fulfillment of entrepreneurs. Antoni and Pardo agreed that while the journey of entrepreneurship is often challenging, it is also deeply rewarding. They emphasized the importance of having a purpose beyond making money, as this drives perseverance and resilience in the face of obstacles.

In essence, the Rodcast episode underscored the transformative power of generative AI, the importance of continuous learning, and the value of purpose-driven entrepreneurship. As Pardo and Antoni illustrated, embracing these elements can lead to significant advancements and success in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Click here to listen to the conversation.

Federico Antoni, Rodrigo Pacheco & Jimena Pardo
Embracing AI: Insights from Rodcast